42. Federal Immission Control Ordinance: Observe hygiene requirements

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Among other things, hygiene requirements, the obligation to examine and monitor industrial water (additional water, cooling water, washing water), and the obligation to make reports to the relevant authorities have all been outlined in the 42nd BImSchV [Federal Immission Control Ordinance], which the operators/owners must all now comply with according to the law.

All measures are subject to documentation requirements (operations log, risk assessment, documentation on equipment inspections every 5 years). The aim is to protect employees and other people by preventing industrial water and aerosols from being contaminated with microorganisms, as wells as to protect the general public from health risks, particularly legionella.

CTK GmbH can assist you with getting answers to questions about operator obligations and necessary measures with a professional consultation. As hygiene experts in accordance with VDI Standard 2047 page 2, we can support your business in planning legionella testing in coolant systems, drinking water installations, and ventilation systems with humidifiers.

We successfully completed the relevant training at the TÜV NORD academy in Essen, and are also certified by TÜV. For your information you can find the confirmation of participation here .

Don’t hesitate to seek a consultation. One thing is certain: the authorities will want to inspect your cooling towers and equipment very closely in 2018!