helcool Vario 8000 A – Successfully used by Anfotec

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Anfotec Antriebstechnik is among the first, and most enthusiastic users of our new product, Helcool Vario 8000 A. You can learn more details about the successful collaboration in the following report.

The collaboration with Anfotec came about through a business meeting of the WIW network in the spring of this year in Medebach. Interest in close collaboration quickly developed through a conversation with the manging director, Christian Hast. A conversation with the production manager, Mr Michael Schnellen, followed the next week.

After a detailed discussion of the situation up to that point and an analysis of the desired parameters, it was clear that it was worth recommending using the most innovative product helcotec currently has to offer. First, Anfotec had to change a piece of equipment over to helcool Vario 8000 A. Just a few weeks later, all the machinery was filled with the new coolant due to the positive experiences they’d had with it. High biostability, extremely good drain-off characteristics, and unusually low consumption are only the most striking benefits this product can offer. That’s why two innovative and strong partners have teamed up.

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