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Non-toxic & highly effective: helcool Vario 8000A

There are new regulations nearly every day in water-soluble coolants for mechanical processing or metal working. It is particularly for this reason that our partner, Helcotec Chemie und Technik, decided to launch a non-toxic coolant. helcool Vario 8000A is completely free of amine, boric acid, and formaldehyde deposits.

The recipe makes it possible for the product to be placed in water hazard class 1, so the containers no longer have to be marked according to CLP regulations. As a result, there is now a product available that doesn’t have to carry a label and is, therefore, non-toxic. That’s great for your business in terms of protecting health and the environment, and especially for your employees.

Almost even more interesting, the product can cope with the majority of all machining methods, is low-foaming, has a high level of long-term stability and an extremely good cleaning effect in the machine.

Try it out for yourself in your own applications and machines if I’ve not convinced you. I’ll also be happy to send you references or images on this topic.

You can find more details about this product here:

helcotec Vario 8000A

High-performance innovation Proficut MM 74

For non-water-soluble coolants, I would like to introduce you to an extremely high-performance product from Helcotec. It is the new minimum coolant Proficut MM 74. This material also complies with the most recent regulations, and is extremely economical in all areas of minimal lubrication (saws), but it can also be used as a forming product.

Request a sample and be convinced by the high-performance of MM74. Of course, I’d also be happy to advise you on site at your company.